What Foods Contain Glyconutrients

With Glycobiology still remaining in the realm of research, natural foods that contain glyconutrients are the only easily and abundantly available source of glyconutrients for the patient. Hippocrates who is considered the father of western medicine said, 'Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.'

He probably had envisaged in his time that severe scrutiny of medicines in the form of drugs or supplements are required before sanction for consumption for the public can be given.


Mothers Milk and Glyconutrients

Mothers' milk is the richest source of glyconutrients. This first mammary secretion provides all the nutrients that an infant requires for its health and growth. Fruits and vegetables that are organically grown and ripened on the plant are another rich source of glyconutrients. This is because fruits and vegetables plucked before ripening and subjected to ripening by artificial means do not have the last surge of glyconutrients which are only available to the naturally ripening process.


Fruits and Glyconutrients

Aloe Vera is another rich source of glyconutrients. Soybeans, beans, green capsicum, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, turnips and okra contain large amounts of glyconutrients. Among fruits, rich sources of glyconutrients are found in guava, pears, and blackberries. Experiments are also being conducted using flax seed extract and the Himalayan Goggi Berries. Scientists are of the view that the Goggi berry may be a complete source of all necessary glyconutrients.

The glyconutrients required by the human body are eight in number. Each glyconutrient has a different natural source.

Fucose is found in abundance in seaweed chiefly in kelp and wakane.

N-acetylneuromic acid or Sialic acid is found in dairy foods, whey and the eggs of hens.

N-acetylglucosamine is found in cow and shark cartilage. For those who do not eat animal based food the Shitake Mushroom is also a rich source. It is also found in a red Japanese Algae called Dumontiaceae.

Mannose- the richest source of Mannose is the gel inside the Aloe Vera leaf.

Glucose is found in all vegetables but is found in greater concentration in naturally ripened vegetables.

Galactose is found in milk and most dairy products.

Xylose is found in spinach, peas, beans, and berries. The Himalayan Goggi Berry is a rich source of Xylose.

N-acetyl galactosamine is the least researched among the glyconutrients. At present mothers milk is the only source of this glyconutrient.


Glyconutrients and Foods Conclusion

In summary, it is difficult to find high quality glyconutrients in our diets. Most of the fruits and vegetables that contain higher levels of glyconutrients are simply unavailable or too expensive to buy each week. The easiest way to supplement your diet with glyconutrients is to take a high quality glyconutrient supplement. Most of the supplements are found online with very few offered in the traditional health food store. The typical online supplement will be available in either a finely milled bulk powder and/or a capsule format. A main supplier of online glyconutrients is Mannatech, Inc.

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