Kids Glyconutrients!

In order to maintain overall wellness in your children it is important to provide them a daily amount of a Kids Glyconutrients formula. Many companies do sell and package a separate formula. In an effort to keep our costs low and our value high, we have chosen to market one formula. Keep in mind, that essential sugars for kids and adults is the SAME formula. The difference resides in how much you give your kids each day.

Polysaccharides are completely non toxic and safe for children. You can not overdose by providing your kids too much. We recommend that healthy children start off with to 1 teaspoon a day of our Glyco Balance bulk formula. You can gradually increase the dosage if your child is fighting a wellness issue. We recommend increasing the daily dosage each week by another teaspoon. For specific guielines, please email us for more information.

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Ingredients: Per serving - Proprietary blend of Aloe Ver Whole Leaf Extract and D-Ribose - 3.56 grams

Other Ingredients: Stevia extract powder 200:1 and natural flavoring powder. Contains no added suger, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or additives, corn, wheat, yeast, soy or dairy.

Suggested use: Take one scoop daily with water or juice or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

107 gram jar - 30 servings

What are Kids Glyconutrients?

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